From the spa to the beach, the locker room to your home...we've got you covered.

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  • "I just bought two 'Classic' robes—one for my wife for Valentine's Day and one for me because they looked like such a great idea. The custom-made material is fantastic, we wear them almost every day!" Jack D. Read more...
  • "I was given a FreeBeneath as a gift...when I get home from work, I get out of my work clothes and into my robe...”LINDA K
  • "I have had my FreeBeneath for 4 months now, and I can honestly say that I have become a FreeBeliever..."SCOTT J
  • This is the best-I use it every day since I got it. I actually have four of them now, one for every type of situation. Even one specifically for video's that comfortable. - PATRICK M
  • I steal my mom's FreeBeneath every time I visit home, and have been hounding her for my own. My birthday is in a couple of months...hint hint. Love it! - ALLIE J

The Original FreeBeneath

FreeBeneath robes are meticulously designed with your ultimate comfort and style in mind. Using only the highest quality fabrics and innovative features, this pull-over style luxury robe will become your go-to lounge wear.

FreeBeneath's Unique Pull-Over Style Robe...

  • Keeps you covered while you relax
  • Makes quick changes easy
  • Is tailored to provide comfort without bulk
  • Features a trademark kangaroo pocket
  • Comes in custom knit fabrics that blend softness and breathability

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