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About Us - FreeBeneath Pullover Robes

about family

“The beauty of the FreeBeneath robe is
found in its appeal to so many different
types of people and lifestyles because of
its many uses.”

–The Brown Family

About Us

While today the founders of FreeBeneath consider themselves to be experts in leisure, their journey to developing the world’s first luxury pullover robe was wrought with sleepless nights. Ken Brown was an insomniac. His nighttime wanderings left him searching for a suitable cover-up to throw on.

The typical robe with its open flaps and cumbersome tie wasn’t comfortable for lounging, so Ken found himself snagging his wife Debbie’s house robes. At this point, Debbie decided to take matters into her own hands and sewed him a men’s version of a pullover robe complete with kangaroo pocket. It wasn’t stylish and it certainly wasn’t luxurious, but it was the start of something that would be improved and refined over the next few years until they developed the ultimate lounge wear staple.

A step above anything on the market, the FreeBeneath robe sets itself apart by being unbelievably comfortable without appearing sloppy. This is due to the tireless attention to detail given to every stitch and feature, and the fact that many of the fabrics have been custom knit to meet the Brown’s high standards for quality and comfort. The beauty of the FreeBeneath robe is found in its appeal to so many different types of people and lifestyles because of its many uses.

FreeBeneath is a family-owned company based in Laguna Beach, California, and has developed a devoted following by its customers, which include prominent members of the hip-hop community and professional athletes. Their grown children, Ryan Brown and Kelsey Brown Milhaupt, have been essential to the success of FreeBeneath and are actively involved in the sales and marketing efforts of the company.


about friendship

“FreeBeneath helps us welcome each
resident into our program with a sense
of warmth, security and home.”

–Mark Miller, Friendship Shelter
  Director of Programs

FreeBeneath For All

Providing warmth and comfort to those in need.

As a family-owned company, we are committed to the principle of giving back to our community. With this is mind, we developed a simple pattern for a blanket/poncho with a hood fabricated from light fleece, ultimately creating the first FreeBeneath Comfort Poncho/Blanket.

For every robe that is purchased by our customers, we will match that purchase with a donation of one Comfort Poncho/Blanket to the Friendship Shelter, a local charity organization with shelters in Laguna Beach and San Clemente, CA.

The Friendship Shelter provides emergency overnight shelter for the homeless with the primary mission of assisting the homeless to regain self-sufficiency. With your help, we will be able to provide each resident with a FreeBeneath Comfort Poncho/Blanket to make their stay at the shelter more comfortable as they work to progress through rehabilitation all the way to employment.

We appreciate your support as we partner with the Friendship Shelter!