From the spa to the beach, the locker room to your home...we've got you covered.

Our Customers Speak Out

Many of our customers have commented to us about their satisfaction with our Original FreeBeneath loungwear -- and a few have been kind enough to give us permission to post their comments on our blog. We want to remind you that all those who have purchased our robes and wish to post a review can do so on our website. 

You may notice that we can count some celebrities as part of our FreeBeneath family. We include some of their comments here as well and thank them for their endorsement. 


I just brought two "Classic" robes—one for my wife for Valentine's Day and one for me because they looked like such a great idea. We couldn't be happier. We got all of our questions answered, and the service was unsurpassed! The custom-made material is fantastic. I will definitely buy two more for my son and daughter. We wear them almost every day! Great value for the money. I can't find anything like FreeBeneath robes in the stores.
Jack D.

I received my new robe and I luvvvv it! What a great idea, such comfort and style! It fits just perfectly. I'll probably be ordering another soon because I think that it would make a really nice gift to my kids for their birthdays!
Shea L.
Thank you for your delightful Christmas card. It gave me an idea for next year—the whole family will be wearing "Free Beneaths!"  My husband is enjoying his free beneath robe; I'd just like to stop hearing about it so much!
Christiane R.

I absolutely love the robe. It was one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year, and this was the year I gave myself a new Fender Strat electric guitar—it ranks up there with it! I'm sure I will buy from FreeBeneath again and recommend your robes to all my friends. Thanks for a great product!
Gary R.

My FreeBeneath robe is the best. I use it every day!
Patrick M.

What an incredible, COOL item. Wow, where have you guys been? I have two—the surfer one is perfect for après chilly surf sessions pulling off the wettie and cozying into it, and the CLASSIC white waffle is so James Bond-ish. I get compliments galore from all that see it. You are California classics!
Marc C.

Love it!
I rush home from work just so I can get into my FreeBeneath! I absolutely love this robe. Just last night, some plans fell through, but that was no problem for me. I just put on my FreeBeneath, poured a glass of bourbon and sat back on the couch to enjoy a nice movie. Honestly, this robe is so comfortable that you will not want to take it off. I haven't been surfing lately, but I can only imagine how great it would be to wear this in the cool morning after a great ride! Buy one—you won't regret it!
Robert C.

I try to get off work early to put this thing on!
I was given this robe as a gift from my girlfriend, and I love it! As soon as I get home from work I throw this on. It is so comfortable. I haven't had a chance to wear it to the beach yet, but the next time I go to catch some early waves you better believe that this is what I will be wearing before and after my ride! Do yourself (or someone you care about) a favor and purchase one of these super-sweet robes. You won't regret it!

Great for todays spas
Your FreeBeneath robes match the new way spas are run, and the fit is just what the body needs.
Jerome Paul B., asid interior design, CEO,CFO

Great gifts
‎5 stars for my FreeBeneath! I bought one for my dad for Father’s Day and he wears it all the time. I had to have one for myself, and now I do. Best addition to my wardrobe—I wear it every day! I recently bought one for my mom too.
Amanda H.

Notre Dame approved
This is the best—I use it every day since I got it. I actually have four of them now, one for every type of situation. Even one specifically for video’s that comfortable
Patrick M.

I've had my FreeBeneath for about 4 months now and can honestly say that I am a “FreeBeliever.” True comfort and great style...not to mention that it’s made in California!
Scott J.

I can't keep it to myself
I love my Free Beneath, but it's never available for me to wear. I always offer it to my guests to throw on when they are visiting. They fall in love with it because it's so comfortable, liberating and cozy. Everyone looks great in it! They think it was made for them because it fits my daughters (sizes 2 and 4), my tall, athletic boyfriend, my elderly parents and everyone in between. Whenever they visit, they claim it as theirs. The FreeBeneath was made for me (not them), so I now have three of them at my home. I've started giving them as birthday and holiday presents, but everyone leaves theirs at home hoping that I'll part with another one. NO WAY! (I should have stock in the company)

I live in Florida and was given a FreeBeneath as a gift. I love it! When I get off work and get home, I love to get out of my work clothes and put on my FreeBeneath. I am able to walk my dogs, fix dinner, or do whatever in it. It's so comfy. For the holidays I plan to give them as gifts. I give this product a thumbs up
Linda K.

I Love My Women's Robe
I steal my mom's FreeBeneath every time I visit home, and have been hounding her for my own. My birthday is in a couple of months...hint hint. Love it!
Allie Judy

Celebrity Reviews/Testimonials
After 16 years of marriage, I know what she (my wife) really wants—a night away from the kids and a comfortable robe.
Chris Harrison, Host of The Bachelor

My family and I love getting cozy and comfortable in our FreeBeneaths. THEY ROCK!
Lauren Velez, Showtime's Dexter

This is a great product, and long overdue. Whether at home or in between wardrobe changes on the set, the FreeBeneath robe is the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
Ken Howard, President of SAG

New & Improved Website!

The Original FreeBeneath website is currently undergoing a complete revision. Along with a new logo and color scheme, we are adding new images of our robes with more detail in our product descriptions and customer choices. The website will be organized around our four main styles rather than simply men's and women's styles. A sizing chart will be added to assist our customers in selecting the proper fit for their robe -- the essence of wearing FreeBeneath. 

In addition, we are adding our new style "The Olympian" to the website. This style is a more athletic and tapered look, and is available in our Relaxed Spa, French Terry, and Dry-Fit fabrics. The Dry-Fit will especially appeal to athletes, swimmers, and anyone who prefers the Dry-Fit fabric that breathes and moves moisture from inside to the outer layer of the fabric. This style will especially appeal to our college bound customers -- we are developing new styles daily that will encompass every college color scheme. 

Look for our new website that will be live on-line next week!



The Perfect Wedding Gift



Since so many of our loyal customers have sought out our FreeBeneath Robes as the ideal gift for all occasions, we have decided to offer the opportunity to send a pair of our unique robes to your treasured friends or family who are getting ready to tie the knot. The FreeBeneath Wedding Set allows you to order two of our Original Classic Spa Robes in individual sizes that can be customized with a free optional monogram for each. The package includes free shipping, a personalized gift card, and special gift packaging that can be sent directly to the couple. All for the special price of $169.00! Send your gift of comfort, coziness and warmth to that lucky couple so that they can relax together!


Help Our Cause!

With the proliferation of reality television shows that currently grace all networks, we note that the audience and public at large are in increasing danger of being exposed – in many ways – to our favorite reality TV personalities. The recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice starring Gary Busey made headlines when Gary “inadvertently” exposed himself when wearing a conventional bathrobe.

While Gary’s wardrobe malfunction may have been planned and worked to his “advantage” – only he could see it that way – we are determined to dedicate our efforts to eliminate the needless risk that these talented has-beens should ever have to risk their modesty on national television.

We, the designers and manufacturers of The Original FreeBeneath pullover robe, call upon the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require all on-air – uh, talent – to require that FreeBeneath robes be worn on the set rather than conventional bathrobes that fall open in the front. Yes, we want compulsory legislation that allows only the FreeBeneath robe to be worn not only in front of the camera, but also in the studio and dressing rooms as well so as to protect fellow cast members, crew, staff, and any visiting family members.

As a small family business, we are of course adverse to excessive government regulation; but as entrepreneurial capitalists we enthusiastically endorse regulations that benefit us and mandate the purchase of our products. And unselfishly, we are seeking as well the protection of the public. Join us, will you, in petitioning the FCC to designate the Original FreeBeneath as the only sanctioned robe for use by the entertainment world. We, and the American public, thank you.


What defines innovation -- what are the components of innovation? We know that innovation is building on the past. This was the theme that led to the creative design of our new promotional t-shirt : "The Evolution of the Robe". Kelsey deserves the credit for formulating this idea, and we also give special thanks to David Todd for his creative and technical skill for the graphics. The FreeBeneath robe is really a call to the past -- elegantly simple and functional. 


Innovation also is generated by need. The Original FreeBeneath was created out of a desire to have a comfortable and functional robe that also provided security and privacy. When we discovered that there was nothing on the market that fit this need we dove right in, and subsequently have developed a loyal following of customers that have discovered that our robes fit that need for comfort and style.


Magic Show - February 14, 2011

Our FreeBeneath team made our way heavily laden with new styles and products to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for the Spring/Summer Magic Apparel Trade Show. We were really excited to set up and prepare our exhibit with a number of new styles and fabrics. Visitors to our booth included those who returned from previous shows to check on the progression of our line and see our brand new design "The Olympian" -- an athletic and sporty style that we are very enthusiastic about. The Olympian features a hood with a zipper in front that runs down to our trademark kangaroo pocket. We have also tapered the sleeves and added elastic ribbed fabric at the sleeve end. Some creative graphics that run down the sleeve finish the effect, and we received some rave reviews about the new style, especially from sports marketing interests attending the show. 


          "The Olympian"

From our last visit to Magic back in August, our FreeBeneath robes continue to grow in popularity and we have a number of exciting projects that we are working on for the future. Several premier resorts and spas are working with us to provide their guests with selected styles from our line. We nearly sold out of all of our stock before Christmas, as a number of our fellow Southern Californians decided to give the gift of our unique and comfortable robes to their friends and family.

Orbitz, the online travel website, also featured our robes in one of their major television commercial campaigns. Their wardrobe designer told me that he almost fell off of his chair when he came upon our website and found that he could meet the the demands of his creative director who wanted to portray some of the Orbitz guests in a luxury spa setting with a comfortable and exotic robe. He was skeptical that he could find such a garment and had resigned himself to fabricating a pullover robe in his own shop (at great expense) until he came upon our website. He contacted us in the morning and by that afternoon many of our robes were on the set the next day. We have gone on from that one contact in the entertainment industry to finding our way into some of the Universal Studio dressing rooms, as well as a film currently in production starring David Duchnovy and Ty Burrell (ABC Modern Family).

We continue to be delighted by the wide spectrum of acceptance for the FreeBeneath robe -- from the West Coast to Northeast -- retailers, on-line catalogues, and boutique resorts are placing the FreeBeneath robe in the stores, guest rooms, and spas. Our celebrity roster ranges from rap icon Snoop Dogg (he has three robes) to LL Cool J to the cast of Showtime's Dexter. 

Watch this space for upcoming announcements. We are working on some exciting projects in the near future that will bring us recognition in the entertainment and the sports world. 

Get Him The Use-Every-Day Gift for Valentine's


You know how it is.  You’ve spent all your gifting ideas on Christmas, and all of a sudden your smack dab up against Valentine’s Day.  Electronics at Best Buy are now out of the questions, and a snagged online purchase for $100 that scores big in the unique and use-every-day categories would do just right.

You should definitely consider The Original FreeBeneath, the first men’s pullover robe.  It’s unique, because unlike most ordinary robes, it’s a pullover robe, so it has no belts to unfasten or flaps to fall open.  And he’ll use it every day, because when is he not taking a shower, going to the gym, spa or beach, or just hanging out at home? 

The Original FreeBeneath keeps him comfortably covered – front and back   And there’s a variety of styles in eco-friendly and organic styles, sizes and colors to fit any man

Check out our website at

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Online Search Reveals New Category of "Men's Pullover Robes" Spawned by The Original FreeBeneath


It’s amazing what a simple search on any of the top engines will turn up.  In 2007, before Debbie Brown of DKK Designs, inc. invented The Original FreeBeneath, there was no category of “Pullover Robes” in men’s apparel.  Back then, you’d only see evidence of demand, like questions on AOL or Yahoo Answers about whether “Men’s Pullover Robes” even existed.  But now, just a year later, a search for “Men’s Pullover Robes” on the Internet yields an array of offers.  It looks like a lot of people are riding the bandwagon of this burgeoning new apparel category.

A search on Google, Yahoo and MSN (I still can’t bear to call it Bing) reveals that all the major online shopping sites and several specialty apparel brands are buying advertising space next to the results for “Men’s Pullover Robes.” It’s important to know that these sites won’t actually lead you to pullover robes – they are trying to pull you back to ordinary, old-fashioned robes.  The ones that your dad wore, with those annoying belts that never stay tied and flaps that fall open at the most inconvenient of times.  You do find quite a few sites with legitimate women’s pullover robes, but that’s because women have always been smart enough to know what kind of robes are best to wear:  warm, comfy and fully-enclosed.  That reminds me, did I tell you that The Original FreeBeneath was made for a men, but women love it too?

There are a few sites that do offer legitimate men’s “pullover robes,” but most cater to the Druid Festival or Renaissance Fayre crowd.  (The Original FreeBeneath is made for men who prefer to stay in the luxury of the modern world.) 

There’s a reason why so many people are searching for “Pullover Robes” on the Internet these days (one keyword finder estimates that daily searches for the phrase “Pullover Robe” are approaching 500).  There is definitely demand for it, and it’s about time that someone came around and provided a pullover robe that provides complete luxury, comfort and freedom.  At least that’s what apparel industry experts have been telling us ever since we launched this business a year ago.

So don’t be led astray – only The Original FreeBeneath is the first pullover robe made for men that keeps you comfortably covered – front and back – in the most luxurious styles, colors and fabrics.  No wonder we have a number of celebrity clients and a growing following on Facebook…

Last but not least, you’ll also find several of our online retailers who carry The Original FreeBeneath, such as, which caters to the travel and tourism industry.  We only associate with the best!

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