From the spa to the beach, the locker room to your home...we've got you covered.


The Classic style is the
original FreeBeneath design.
It comes in three luxurious
fabrics; Relaxed Cotton
Spa, Terry Velour and
Organic Ribbed.


The Shoreline was specifically
designed for the outdoor lover—
think surfer with a cool, rugged
style. It comes in a single
French Terry Surfer fabric that
is custom made for an ultra
soft feel.


The Laguna is the lounge
wear version of the sophisticated
smoking jacket. It comes in
two fabrics; Relaxed Cotton
Spa, Terry Velour and so you
can customize your feel.


The Olympian was inspired
by the active athlete, with
custom features that cater
to your lifestyle. It comes in
three fabrics; Relaxed Cotton
Spa, French Terry and
Performance Dry Fit.